“Each of us has responsibility for all humankind. It is time for us to think of other people as true brothers and sisters and to be concerned with their welfare, while lessening their suffering.”

What is a Humanitarian? By definition, a humanitarian is an adjective and also a noun, meaning “having concern for helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people”. Today humanity is facing a series of humanitarian threats: global warming, life-threatening poverty, the low status and equality of women, rapid population growth, and terrorism. This is why humanitarians are so important and are in need to develop new approaches in order to bring answers.

Whether you are fascinated in including yourself in some humanitarian efforts or solely want to know more about the subject, becoming familiar with examples of humanitarian acts can be helpful in order to better appreciate and understand how to assist fellow human beings. Below are characteristics:

Be Socially Responsible – Promote and encourage humanitarianism and loyalty to the human species in your local community, educate and inform the public, speak at rallies and events, let your voice be heard. Humanitarian work involves being responsible and conscious of the circumstances of other people’s lives, and helping them without discrimination.

Have Respect – It is unquestionably vital to respect the absolute value and worth of each and every living person as well as to have a passion for representing and capitalizing the positive potential of existence.

Have Human Values – This means having an understanding of all human situations that we share, and being empathetic regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or social status.

Become Familiar with Humanitarian Symbols and Roles – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA) has created a set of 500 freely available humanitarian symbols to help relief workers present information about emergencies and crises rapidly and simply, knowing these symbols are important. Join a nonprofit organization or start one yourself. Volunteer and reach out to other organizations promoting your humanity. http://www.unocha.org/top-stories/all-stories/ocha-launches-500-free-humanitarian-symbols

Just Do It – Take run with your inspiration today and take initiative before you take yourself out of starting humanitarian work. After all, don’t you believe it’s time to make a real difference? Volunteer with REAL TIME DIFFERENCE TODAY, this is an opportunity to help others and be a real inspiration.