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Real Time Difference is a nonprofit organization, donations will pay for the items purchased for the family’s, and volunteers will make up the Real Time Difference Team.

At Real Time Difference, we are fully committed to ensuring that children, individuals and families are protected from the fear or reality of any physical or emotional abuse. This could result from unsuitable and unsafe Internet and social media use, including the sharing of private information about a child and their family. Because of this, we ask all sponsors to abide by the following standards while participating in Real Time Difference’s sponsorship program:

1. Refrain from any direct, unmonitored communication with your sponsored person(s) or family without our knowledge. This includes contact through the Internet or social media (including instant message, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.). Note that Real Time Difference does not, under any circumstances, allow visits to the person(s) residence or community that have not been coordinated by Real Time Difference.

2. Do not post your sponsored person(s) last name on the Internet or social media sites.

3. For both their security and yours, please let Real Time Difference know instantly of any contact initiated by your sponsored child or family that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We are sorry, but no. Due to security reasons, the safety of our sponsors is our number one concern and letters, emails, and visits are not allowed. Although, YOU, the donor, will receive a thank you video from your sponsored person(s).

All recipients must fill out a client assessment form that tells us a little about themselves that will be evaluated by The Real Time Difference Team, chosen recipient(s) will be chosen on a first come first serve basis based off the importance of the needs (medical, homeless, ill, etc.).

We want to provide the individual or family with exactly what they need, by giving them cash there is a chance it may not be spent in the most appropriate manner.

They can benefit in many ways, first, within twenty-four hours of your donation the sponsored individual or family will be contacted and delivered the items purchased from your donation.

Second, your donation will provide a much needed relief to the individual or family.

This is a onetime donation. Although if you see the individual or family you donated to on our website again, you are welcome to sponsor again.

Real Time Difference requests that donations not be sent directly to the individual or family you are donating to. There are several reasons for this, the main reason being the security and safety of our individuals, children, and families.

Real Time Difference will provide the world’s first online real time charitable donation platform allowing a donor to donate to a recipient who will be provided relief within a twenty-four hour period. Using the power of the Internet (and the 15 degree rotation of the earth which provides an hour for each time zone), Real Time Difference will match donors with recipients so that the relief is provided in the fastest most efficient manner making a difference in their life in “real time”.

How It Works:

Step 1) Recipient visits a difference center, or visits our website and fills out a needs request form.

Step 2) A counselor there then captures a 30 to 45 second video clip allowing the family or child to introduce themselves and explain their needs.

Step 3) A “donor”, can then visit our website www.realtd.org and browse through the online video profiles previewing a family or child’s needs from around the world.

Step 4) Once a donor selects a family they wish to donate to, the donor enters their donation amount and payment details online. Once donations are received, the counselor will purchase those items originally requested for by that recipient within the same day in REAL TIME.

Step 5) By that afternoon, the family or child receives their items. This also allows the counselor to capture a 30 to 45 second video clip of the family or child receiving their donation and also thanking their donor.

Step 6) This video is then published to the family or child’s online video profile and the donor is informed to view the video at their convenience.