Summer is right around the corner! Woo-hoo! That means backyard Bbq’s, roasting marshmallows by the fire and long days at the beach.  WAIT, which also means MORE TIME to make a difference, your schedule is not as crazy, you’re stuck in a class room all day, now you have more seconds, more minutes, more hours to creative kindness and give back! Enjoy our list of 10 ways to make a difference this summer:

  • When you’re hanging out at the beach all day, grab a trash bag and hit the sand, PICK UP TRASH AT THE BEACH.
  • Not everyone gets sunny days off, and this summer is supposed to be a record breaking hot for us, so HAND OUT POPSICLE’S TO OUTDOOR WORKERS.rtd blog1
  • At that next backyard BBQ ask all your guests to bring 1 extra canned food item then needed and instead of using it, DONATE IT.
  • We have all heard about spring cleaning, well what about summer cleaning!? CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSETS AND DONATE OUTGROWN CLOTHES, SHOES AND TOYS.
  • Don’t forget that your mailman doesn’t have air conditioning, LEAVE AN ICE CREAM GIFT CARD FOR YOUR MAILMAN.
  • PEOPLE! people people people! CALIFORNIA is in a drought, cut your showers short AND DONATE to
  • We may be in a drought but it is extremely important to stay hydrated, HAND OUT ice cold waters to the homeless people in your area.
  • Sometimes nothings better than a delicious Starbucks ice cold coffee, next time you’re on line PAY FOR THE STRANGER BEHIND YOU.
  • rtd blog 2The bible makes it a point to be a good neighbor, HOST A FREE LEMONADE STAND.
  • Even when the sun is shining people need pick me up’s sometimes, LEAVE HAPPY NOTES AROUND TOWN.

Here’s an extra little tip, SMILE, IT’S CONTAGIOUS! Enjoy your summer friends, snap some photos of you recreating these fun summer acts and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t forget, be kind,it can make a difference.