The Importance of a Smile

It was a cool Friday night, one of our RTD team members Holland was out to dinner and not having the best day, that’s when she saw *Bob’s sign. She smiled and said “Hey! It worked!” You see, here was *Bob, homeless, cold, and hungry with three signs attached to his shopping cart that read “SMILE”.

Often we see kids running around, laughing, smiling, enjoying living in the moment, while we the adults sit on the edge, full of the stresses that modern life can bring, with the occasional grin breaking our otherwise serious facial expressions. But in that moment, *Bob brought Holland so much joy. He reminded Holland of the little things that matter in life, he made her realize that what she was upset about was a million times smaller of a problem than whatever *Bob was probably going through, yet there he was, making others smile.

Later in the evening Holland posted to social media with the photo of her and *Bob along with a special message, first explaining how she was not in a good mood, then how she met *Bob and purchased him dinner, she continued with “I’m not posting this to receive praise for the kind thing I did tonight, I’m posting this because it made me smile and I hope it makes you smile too. I’m posting this in hopes that you do something kind for someone else; I’m posting this to remind you that even when life gets hard, smile. I’m posting this to remind you to be grateful, and to enjoy the little things in life.”

*Bob, we thank you for being a kind individual, difference maker and smile creator, we need more people like you around.Smile2_Blog_RTD